Saturday, October 15, 2011

End of Trade Day

If you got your picture taken at our photo booth at Trade day earlier, those should be uploaded sometime Monday. Postcards will be mailed late next week. Thanks for all who came out in support of local businesses, tasty food, and free stuff.
Trade Day was a decent success for @PEaCe Phototgraphy. We didn't make a million dollars or anything, but we did better than breaking even. It was a great experience. Plenty of people took business cards, and I expect to hear from a number of folks about custom Christmas card pictures. The printed pictures didn't sell as well as I'd hoped, but one lady ordered a custom collage and I only came home with one Thurlow Dam picture, so the prints were far from being a bust. The unofficial count of postcard pics is 62; a fine first outing.
I learned a number of things today: 1)I needed more height on the tent to allow more height on the flash umbrella [fix with 4 cinder blocks]; 2)I should have covered the sides of the tent at first instead of chasing the sun [fix implicit]; 3)side coverings and backdrop should have been weighted better [fix with sandbags/water bottles and clamps]; 4)print ordering got too much space [fix by putting 4x6s into an album for ordering and have only 5x7s or larger prints for sale]; 5)the backdrop was too small, and the scene was not quite broad enough [fix by setting up scene in the corner and using two backdrops]; 6)the back drop was too close to the subject causing shadows [fix by setting up scene further in front of the backdrop--also allows extra people to stand behind scene instead of only going wide]; 7)I was pretty dried out by the end of the day [fix by drinking more water]. I'm sure there are other things I'll remember later, but this is a good list for now.
[EDIT: Below are links to the unedited images in albums on my facebook page.]
[Trade Day Album 1 and Trade Day Album 2]

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