Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Market Prints Soon to Come

I'm typing this up while I upload the pics for Holiday Market. That's right, ten days after Holiday Market, prints will be picked up today/tomorrow (Tuesday). With fortune (and a good wife) on my side, those prints will hit the mail on Wednesday. If that happens, then we'll be in under the two-week mark. Which was slower than I'd hoped, but I told everybody it would be at least one and up to two weeks before they'd get their pics.

Why so slow? I've been busy, aight?!? Not to undermine my legitimacy, but @PEaCe Photography is a side project. So real work comes first. Also, those product photos I did last week had a much greater return on investment, so those pics took priority over the Holiday Market pics. Additionally, I'm still streamlining my workflow. Having Adobe Lightroom makes things WAY easier than last year, but I still didn't shoot the pictures in the careful way I'd need to so that I could push it all through Lr instead of applying each boarder individually.

 Nevertheless, photos are currently uploading. Still... And there's no way I'm staying up to see them finish because I've got a grad tomorrow that is going to have me out until pretty late tomorrow.

Here's my cute kid.

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