Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Product Photography?

I just saw a Craig'sList ad for a new business in Phenix City looking for a product photographer. I've sent them an email pointing them here, to my blog, so they can see samples of my work. While I've got all sorts of pictures posted here, I didn't have any product photos...but I do now.

Here we have a few pictures of items I've sold on eBay:


Now, I know these aren't exactly catalog quality pics, but the fact that this is what I produce to sell my junk on eBay should indicate that I would produce a vastly superior set of images were someone paying me to do so.

There was actually a lady at Tallassee's Holiday Market last year who asked me about doing some pictures of her crafts to submit to a company that sells such things through their catalog and website, but sadly she never got back in touch with me. Too bad she didn't have VistaPrint business cards like I did.

In totally unrelated news, things are looking good for Trade Day this year...far better than last year.

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