Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trade Day Prints Going in the Mail Soon!

Trade Day Photo Booth prints have been picked up, info labels are printed and affixed, and address labels are going on as I type (thanks to my beautiful, wonderful wife). Everything looks good for those to go out tomorrow. We are short one print because of an error neither of us caught, but we'll get that one printed at Wal-mart tomorrow and be back on track.

Are you terrified that I don't get my prints done at a professional level lab? I'm only slightly ashamed of it. If I were doing a major job, then I'd probably go with MPix or maybe Shutterfly. However, every penny matters and speed is more important than print quality for this task. I undercut MPix by 6 cents per 4X6 print plus shipping costs and don't have to wait for them to ship to me before I can turn the pictures around and send them back out. Shipping large prints also gets cost prohibitive very quickly.

Back to Trade Day...

You can see unboardered and more or less uncropped images in the facebook album linked below.


Here's what the booth looked like from the outside:

It's all over but the shoutin'--as they say--as far as Trade Day is concerned. Still, I hope that there plenty of people who holler back that they want more prints or photo sessions to get me out of the red on this one.

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