Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Business Photography for Digital Marketing and Social Media


Hey small business owners and local managers, I've got a few questions for you.

Have you ever Googled your business? If you have, did you find your business? Chances are good that your website, if you have one, wasn't among the top results. There are all sorts of people who can help you with that, that's not my angle.

It's also likely that you found what's called a "stub" for your business in Google+ Pages or Google+ Local and a number of other marketing directories (Merchant Circle, Super Pages, etc.). These directories are designed to show up in search results higher and more frequently than your actual website. Google+ Pages are given extra-special treatment because it is a Google service. Basically, they take whatever info that is publicly available about your business, church, school, or what have you, and they list that info in their directory--kind of like the old yellow pages, but better and free-er

In almost all of these directories, Google+ in particular, the public is allowed to submit reviews and images to add useful (to other consumers, at least) information about your business. Google+ Local listings are especially significant, because they are integrated into Google Maps and regular old Google searches. That's where I can help you.

For anyone in the Tallassee area, I'll come to your place of business and shoot 5-10 quality, unique photographs that display where you are, who you are, what you do, and what you offer. I'll be in and out in a matter of minutes, and won't disrupt your business (except for a staff picture if you want one). I'll process the images, upload them to your Google+ Page, link to you from my Google+ Page, post them here on my blog, link back to your website/Facebook page, "like" you on Facebook, share your images on Facebook, Tweet about it, (all of these things improving your Internet visibility) and email the images to you for any and all future use. And I'll do it all for only $50. I'll do it for Chamber of Commerce members for $40. In fact, I'll do a free set for the first business to contact me.

***This is an introductory rate. My advertising guru brother-in-law thinks I should be charging $250 as a minimum and that I'd get upwards of $1000 per shoot in a high density market like Birmingham.***

Now, maybe you're thinking "I can take my own pictures." Sure you can, and I could change my own oil; but it's easier to pay a pro with the tools and experience to do it right, and I get better results when I do. What are you waiting for?

I posted 3 shots of my church, Liberty Baptist Church, as an early sample. ***I've just done a pro bono set for the Bound By Grace Ministries Thrift Store.*** Check them out.

Contact me via my At PEaCe Photography Facebook page, email [pecaspers(at)gmail(dot)com], or phone [334-452-3PEC]. Let's get Tallassee small businesses on the map! ...Google Maps that is.

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