Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What's New with At PEaCe Photography?

This will all make sense in a moment.

A new location: At PEaCe Photography is now centered out of Thomaston, GA. My primary vocation is Christian ministry leadership, and Silvertown Baptist Church called me as their pastor in July of 2014. I plan on staying here quite a while, and I hope being somewhat convenient to Atlanta, Columbus, and Macon allows for increasingly consistent photo work as well. (Forgive the bad weather, but the "Merry Christmas" sign connects with the next item.)

A new camera: Finally, I personally own a legit camera. Yeah, you'll tell me that a great photographer can get great pictures from any camera, but when someone wants to decorate the walls of their restaurant, for instance, you can't offer them 6.1 megapixel images that pixelate beyond 11" x 14". So now I have jumped from a D70 to a D7100, and I have an Olympus PEN that serves as a reasonable backup. I'm grateful for all the years of using Village Photographers' equipment, but it's no longer practical. Plus, no self-respecting photographer should have to borrow his primary gear. (Forgive the poor staging, it was Christmas morning and I was even more interested in my kids.)

A new kid: Chronologically, we had him before I got the new camera. Charlie was born December 10th. Having survived the first two months, we're coming back to more normal routines.

All that to say...
I'm back, and I'm looking for work. What have you got for me?

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