Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Grad Season 2016

It's that time of year again: GRADUATION SEASON! I'm still shooting grads with Village Photographers out of Auburn, AL, and I'm grateful to have that opportunity. This year my schedule includes 11 ceremonies scattered around Metro-Atlanta, West Georgia, and central Georgia. (I was set for 15, but a contract conflict cost me 4 grads in one day. What had happened was we had contracts with individual schools to shoot their graduation ceremonies, but the school district had a contract with another company and they overruled. It's unfortunate for Village since we've been serving those schools over a decade; it stinks for me because that's a fat wad of cash out of my pocket...but I digress.)

Here are some iPhone pics snapped before, in down moments during, and after my grad assignments from the past few weeks.

University of West Georgia:
(Note: This was the first time in my ten years of graduation photography that an indoor ceremony was moved outdoors day-of. They did a great job changing things on the fly, and our crew rolled with it well.)

Perimeter College (location - Georgia World Congress Center)

Clayton State University 

(These cases are the best. A police officer working this grad said he uses them to carry his guns.)

Albany State University (location - Albany Civic Center)

That's a taste of the fun I've had so far. Five ceremonies left (should have been 9), 3 more days (should have been 4). It's been mostly smooth sailing so far. Here's hoping that holds up.

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