Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Market, Up and Out

The pictures from both Day One and Day Two of the Tallassee Holiday Market are now on their way! You can also view the pictures online by clicking your day above.

If you would like to purchase more prints of your pictures, they will cost an additional $1 per 4x6. You can also get your picture as a .JPG file via email with full rights to use it however you choose for $5. Please email me (p e c a s p e r s @ g m a i l . c o m - without the spaces), call 334-452-3PEC (that's 334-452-3732), or message me on facebook to make arrangements.

Here are some things I learned from this event:
1) Always have a back up.
2) Take allergy medicine the day before because I will inevitably be downwind from a smokey grill.
3) A tripod will make editing simpler.
4) Doris's tent does go higher!
5) Go even bigger on the backdrop/scenery.
6) I need a seating option that is both wider and more stable.
7) A festive, fun thing for little kids to hold is great, but it would be better if it was something they could keep. (I had a few little ones who didn't want to give back my jingle bell.)
8) People like to buy things they can take with them, but most will not place an order for you to send them stuff.
9) It would be good to have a calendar to make portrait appointments on the spot.
10) Long underwear will make you sweat during set-up, which will leave you with cold feet later.

It was a great experience. Tripp Storm of the Tallassee Farmers Market was a pleasure to work with. I made some other good contacts. We did little more than clear expenses, but I think we'll see the benefits further down the road. Thanks to all who came by the booth!

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