Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Market Is TOMORROW!

The Tallassee Holiday Market begins tomorrow at noon at Veterans' Park. That means we are less than twenty-four hours away. Drop another couple of hours off for the fact that vendors can set up as early as 9:30AM, and we find ourselves in the middle of crunch time. So why am I posting about it?

Simple, I want to see you there!

The Holiday Market will be open at the park from noon until around six o'clock when the Tallassee Tree Lighting ceremony will occur on Friday. Then on Saturday, the Holiday Market will be open from eight in the morning until around noon when the Tallassee Christmas Parade will come through town. Saturday's market will be on the sidewalk in front of the Mt. Vernon Theater.

@PEaCe Photography will be set up taking pictures much like we did for Trade Day as well as taking orders for a small selection of local and/or seasonal photo prints. I'm really excited that we'll be working with a much cooler backdrop and better lighting. The results will be fantastic, I guarantee it.

Come get your picture taken for only $1, and I'll mail you a 4x6 as a postcard. Bring your whole family and get a picture taken to use as your Christmas card. I'll cut you a deal on large orders or sell you a high resolution image, just talk to me at the market.

And, here's our third option for postcard boarders! I'll post full mock ups with the actual back drop later tonight.

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