Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Market Day One Done

Alright folks. The first day of the Holiday Market is done. I've downloaded the pictures to my laptop. I'm charging batteries. I'm about to reformat all my memory cards. Then, I'm going to sleep. I'll be up about 5 AM to be ready to go set up about 6:30 to be ready to shoot by 8AM. That's what I call early.

Today wasn't a rousing success. I think I probably cleared the cost of the business license. However, I talked to a lot of people who are planning on coming by with their kids or grandkids before or after the parade tomorrow. I'm expecting big things for day two.

You might have seen my facebook post about needing to borrow a camera. My camera stopped working right before activity started to pick up for no discernible reason. It had happened momentarily earlier in the day, but this time it seemed to be a complete failure. Only Jessica's prayers can give any explanation to why it started working again after a half hour of not. Nonetheless, it's working again. I was able to finish out the night taking pics. I probably missed four or five opportunities for photo sales, but I'm pretty sure I'll catch those folks again tomorrow.

No fear for tomorrow. Richard Patterson of Village Photographers was on his way in our general direction and Jessica met him at the interstate to borrow a pair of cameras, just in case. Also on tomorrow, I realized the tent can go about a foot higher! I'm stoked, because that means I can actually have people standing if the group is too big. It just occurred to me that it also means I'm going to have to do something extra to keep the backdrop from blowing in the wind. I think I can handle that, though.

See you tomorrow!

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